Dorphan, a company dedicated to the development of drugs for rare and orphan diseases

DORPHAN S.A. is a key player in the development chain of drugs for orphan and rare genetic diseases. The company conducts the preclinical development of promising drug candidate substances, from the discovery and the design of molecules, to their clinical evaluation.


DORPHAN S.A. was founded in 2011 by the members of the Sanfilippo Foundation Switzerland with the aim of promoting the development of promising treatments for orphan and rare genetic diseases.

A great deal of research activities is conducted today in academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies in the field of orphan and rare genetic diseases, or in domains that could be exploited for orphan pathologies. These efforts often do not result into medical solutions for the patients due to financial and human resources constraints, and also due to the lack of knowledge and know-how required to advance molecules through the drug development process.

This situation has prompted the Sanfilippo Foundation Switzerland to create DORPHAN S.A., whose prime objective is the preclinical development of drug candidates for the treatment of orphan and rare genetic diseases.